• Action taker
  • Self-development addict
  • Lifelong student of marketing and business
  • Meditator
  • Plastic and meat reducer
  • Connector
  • Anti-holiday traveler

You’ve made it here so perhaps there’s a little chance that we will get to like each other? 

My name is Oscar and ever since I  can remember, I’ve had a passion for three things:

  • Listening to great speeches and learning how powerful words can be
  • Devouring scientific books like a hungry hungry hippo
  • Journaling to release, organize and crystalize my thoughts 

And it took me several years to make all these puzzle pieces fit together and figure out how I could use them to help other people.

Years spent in the corporate cubicle paradise ultimately pushed me towards the “exit” and that’s how I made a leap into the unknown —without much protection. 

(And no, that’s not necessarily what I recommend for anyone)

Years later, I am exactly where I am supposed to be based on my talents and where I can help others do their best.

Without tripping over picking the right words to convey their marketing message to the world. 

In the course of my career, I’ve worked in more than a dozen different niches.

Currently, however, I am devoting all my focus to the rapidly growing eCommerce market. 

The variety of stores I got to work with, as well as all the business stories I had a chance to hear—made me much more ingenious and an out-of-the box thinking copywriter.

That means finding a myriad of ways to demonstrate how your product(s)/service(s) can make someone’s life better.

So if you feel like your email or ad campaigns need to be resuscitated or simply scaled to the next level— let’s have a quick no-obligation 20-minute call to see if we’re a good fit. 

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