Are you getting hives from hearing about building a Sales Funnel? This one’s for you.

Building a sales funnel all by yourself can seem monstrously hard if you’re not marketing-savvy.  That’s why I want to give you a simple formula which I call a Minimum Viable Funnel. 

This concept dawn on me when I realized that there’s one thing that many coaches, info-product creators and small-size businesses who want to build their sales funnels get wrong. This is looking at what the big guys in their industries do and then trying to follow them using the same model they applied.  

Here’s the problem with that seemingly right approach. 

Those big fish have all the money, sizeable inbound traffic, and, of course, an entire marketing team you don’t have.

They run monster-sized funnels consisting of, say,  20+ steps that THEY need to run their campaigns successfully… but it’s not necessarily what YOU need. Especially when you’re just getting your business off the ground…and you have only a fraction of their budget. 

The truth is that in most cases, all it takes to get your entire marketing started is a dead-simple and effective 3-tiered strategy. It consists of FB ads, a landing page, and an email campaign. It can actually be that simple. 

So let me now show you a real-life example of a client of mine who asked me to build their entire funnel from the ground up. They were a fledgling eCommerce shop with two months’ presence in the market.  And here’s what they told me they needed:

“Deliverable: High Converting Sales copy and sales funnel development for our top selling e-Commerce product. We plan to develop more product sales funnels and A/B tests which would mean future ongoing work. We are a small company of cat and dog lovers selling dog and cat products”

They were hard-working guys focused on running their business, but they had this distorted idea that what they needed was a full-blown sales funnel. 

So when they came to me, their business was still in its infancy. They had no traffic coming to the website (which, by the way, was as empty as most people’s wallets after Christmas.) There was no opt-in option nor social proof in the form of testimonials from their past clients. 

Building a funnel based off that would be like creating wine out of water. I mean, some people believe there was a man who could do that, but clearly, I am not his next iteration.  

So here’s the enlightened advice I offered them instead. 

I told them that there’s really no point in creating more than a simple paid ad campaign (to let folks know that they even exist) and then to offer website visitors a one-off discount in return for their email. 

Simplicity is the best solution.

Fast forward a few weeks later and they had a list of nearly five hundred warm leads sitting on their list, waiting with anxiety to be emailed. 

Well, almost, but you get the idea?

So, if you’re a bootstrapping couch, info-product creator or a newly-found business —start simple. Don’t break a sweat trying to model the big guys playing on the same pitch. They’re further in the process, and they need different tools to engage with their audiences.  

If you struggle to put it all together and feel like a helping hand wouldn’t be the worst idea, you’re probably right. 

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