Decoding The “Know” In “Know-Like-And-Trust” Trinity In Marketing. What Does It Really Mean?

The word ‘know’ in marketing is a bit tricky.

Typically,  it’s when two people have some sort of relationship. 

But things get harder when you talk about someone you only know from the internet.

Or worse, when there’s no person at all. There’s a company. 

And a ‘face’ is being replaced with a ‘brand’s voice’.

So how do you really get to know someone in business when they’re on the other side of the screen?

Or how do they get to know you if you’ll never meet in person?

Well, here’s the keyword in this marketing riddle. 

It’s content EXPOSURE.  

Unlike with your friends or family, you don’t need to know people or companies you buy from intimately. 

Rather, think of them like of movie stars. 

We all sort of ‘know’ movie stars but do you really get to call Harrison Ford or Julia Roberts when you want to ask a friend for advice? Or hang out on the weekend? 

So what it takes for you to ‘know’ them or vice versa,  is to be constantly exposed to their presence. 

What does that mean in practice?

It means that if you want your audience to know you, you need to ‘expose’ them to your content on a regular basis. 

It can be a few times a day, it can be daily, it can be once or twice a week. 

It could perhaps even be bi-weekly. 

That gives you 24 pieces of content a year. 

Better than nothing, huh?

And guess what? 

One year will fly by in a snap anyway. 

And don’t fall prey to your self-imposed quality check-paralysis. 

With dozens of millions of people creating the content daily – the truth is that no one really gives a crap about how perfect or imperfect your content is. 

Consistency beats perfection.

Your videos, emails, blog or social media posts don’t have to aspire to be trend-setting in your niche. 

Good is good enough, as long as you provide value. 

If you create content like clockwork and come across as genuine and coherent as a brand, coach or an influencer – some people will resonate with you anyway.

If you fall short on that end and produce your content only sporadically, you will just blend in with the crowd. 

You won’t gain momentum.

Remember that the first thing we compete for in the modern world is attention. 

If you’re able to get people’s attention by teaching valuable stuff that they can implement right off the bat, you’re in the game.

It’s like a long-term investment where interest compound over time.

Done right, you will see your marketing slowly turn ‘inbound’. 

That means that instead of you breaking a sweat reaching out to new clients,  they will start reaching out to you.

So take the burden of perfection off your shoulders, set the timer for X amount of time  — and go (Pomodoro technique can be very helpful here.)

Make the leap and start creating instead of just consuming. 

Is that really so simple? Yes.

Well…it’s simple but it’s not easy, especially at the beginning. 

In fact, it can be quite intimidating.

But embrace it.  Be vulnerable instead of trying to be perfect.

Come forward with the fact that you’re new, that you have a horrible accent, that your grammar isn’t perfect, that you shoot stuff from your mother’s basement. 

Say it outright and make the skeleton dance.

Who cares?

The famous Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson said that ‘Confidence is accepting your vulnerability’

Accept where you are right now and go with what you have.

If you keep at it while delivering tons of value, you may be surprised how many people ‘know you’ —without you even knowing. 


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