Hey Stranger,

Welcome to my corner of the Internet (I hope you didn’t simply get lost!) 

If you’re sending emails that don’t get opened (let alone make you money)…

And/or running paid ad campaigns that cost a lot but bring little to no profit

And/or mashing the keyboard to convey your marketing message is giving you a rash

Chances are…you’ve come to the right place!

At least as long as when it comes to connecting with your prospects so they do what you want them to do— without sounding like a sleazy used car salesman.

Oscar The Email Wizard


I write the right words in the right place geared for the right audience.

And you? You get:

Higher revenue
Lower customer acquisition costs
More loyal, premium customers instead of cheap, freebie seekers

Now, you might want to ask: “Can’t just anyone write if they went to school?”


The challenge isn’t really in the writing itself—it’s in knowing WHAT, WHERE and WHEN to write what.

Ever heard the saying “People buy on emotion and justify with logic?”

It’s not about fancy words and literary skills.

It’s about showing a DEEP understanding of your ideal prospect’s problem(s) and how their life’s quality suffers from it.

And then giving them a solution to that problem— without hammering them with your offer on the “first date.”

Make sense?

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