Maximum Profit With Least Effort—Welcome To Lazy Email Marketing Vol.2

Email marketing, if you’re starting from scratch, could easily fill your schedule for at least a week, two or even more.

Coming up with strategy, creating and setting up all campaigns, writing engaging content and finally…monitoring results

But what if I told you that there’s a simple way to get results quicker?

All without spending dozens of hours or thousands of dollars for high-ticket consultants?


The answer is email automation. 

And to be more specific three ‘standard’ email flows.

The best thing about them is that once you set them up, they will keep producing results without you doing (almost) anything. 

In this article, I will focus on one of these flows, specifically— the Post-Purchase Flow aka the “Thank You” flow.  The great strength of this flow is the surprising power of recency. Allow me to explain…

Before I learned about this concept, I used to think that if someone has just bought something, they will not be likely to buy again any time soon. Because they have no money now, right?

But as counterintuitive as it seems, “recency” means exactly the opposite. 

As the adage goes “strike the iron while it’s hot” and this example is just a perfect example of that.

So when your customer is in the buying mode, don’t get in their way. Just make sure not to go overboard with that meaning don’t make this flow chock-full of copy-paste sales emails flashing “other popular products”. 

Sales emails should in general be interlaced with regular content emails that have no sales pitch in it. If you don’t create any content, you can stick to the basic structure I will provide below. 

If you, however, have some non-sales content you can use, even better. That’s because this will simply extend the flow and create more purchase opportunities. The good news is also that the exact same emails could be reused in other flows. 

What’s great about this flow is that it’s very easy to get high open- and click-through- rates and therefore net more sales. Unlike with newsletters or content emails, you capitalize on the buying momentum— just as with Cart Abandonment emails. 

According to the research carried out by Klaviyo (no.1 eCommerce email marketing platform) , post purchase messaging sees a 217% higher open rate, over 500% higher click rate, and 90% higher revenue per recipient than your average email campaign.

Proof? One of the brands I work with has an average open rate of nearly 60% in their Post Purchase flow. Magic? Best emails ever? Highest-paid copywriter? No!

It’s the power of context. In this case, people are simply prone to open no matter how average your emails will be.  

Now, if you don’t have any content (such as blogs, videos, stories) at your disposal, here’s the structure you can use : 

#1 –  Purchase acknowledgement aka the ”thank you” email 

#2 –  Pre-arrival email (maintaining the excitement) 

#3 –  Cross-sell email (remember the ‘recency’ rule?) 

#4 –  Incentivized video review request ( use vouchers or discounts )   

This flow is known to score record-high open and click-through rates so it’s a bit of a sin not to use that momentum. 

For one of the brands I work with, this particular flow turned out to be the most profitable out of all (the screenshot belows shows the last 7 day-results) 

Voila. That’s it. 

In the next ‘episode’ I’ll show you how you can (almost) repeat the same process (i.e. get results with minimum effort) in the so-called Welcome flow. Stay tuned! 

Now, here’s another step to consider…

If you’ve got a weird feeling that weird you’re leaving money on the table because people skip past your emails/ads and you want an extra set of trained, brown and charming eyeballs to look at your stuff—I might be the guy you want to schedule for a free copy-audit. 

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