Maximum Profit With Least Effort—Welcome To Lazy Email Marketing Vol.3

Time for the third part of the “Lazy E-mail marketing series” 

Email marketing, if you start it from scratch, could easily fill your schedule for weeks on end—if you wanted to go all-in into it. 

Coming up with strategy, setting up automations, planning campaigns and promos, writing engaging content and finally, monitoring results.

But with a ROI of about $40 for every $ spent, it may well be well worth the effort. 

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to get results quicker. 

All without spending dozens of hours or thousands of dollars for high-ticket consultants?

It’s something I call a minimum-viable email automation. Specifically, cart abandonment, post-purchase and welcome flow. 

In this post, I’ll show you why it’s worth having a welcome flow and why it’s the simplest way to grow your list which in the long-term iscrucial to make email marketing highly profitable. 

Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s not only about high numbers but more so about the quality of your leads…but how about plenty of qualified leads?

The best thing about all these flows is that once you set them up, they will keep producing results without you doing (almost) anything. 

Without any further ado, let’s talk Welcome Sequence.

First things first, in order to blast your emails out, you need to have people sign up to your list (aka newsletter). 

The thing is that no one really signs up to newsletters just for the fun of it. 

You need a lead magnet. 

Typically it’s some sort of a helpful ebook or a discount (common in eCommerce).

You got it? Now, we’re talking.

The purpose of this sequence is to establish an initial connection with your prospective customers and convert them into buyers.

It’s safe to say that, typically, this email flow is quite content/social-proof oriented. 

Although at its later stage you will want to ask for the buy. A common practice is to:

  • offer a discount in the first email, 
  • set an expiry date in, say, seven days, 
  • send a few content emails, 
  • finish with a sales email reminding that the discount expires in, for example, 48 hours. 

Here’s a bunch of ideas you can build your welcome flow around (in a pretty loose order)

  1. Email  #1: Acknowledgement (“Thank you for signing up”) + promise delivery (a discount or otherwise) 
  2. Email  #2: The Origin Story – tell’em how it all started 
  3. Email  #3: Share a popular piece of content from your website/YouTube video
  4. Email  #4: Social proof email – share reviews and testimonials.
  5. Email  #5: Share another popular piece of content from your website/YouTube video
  6. Email  #6: Product Pitch + discount expiry reminder (for example 48 or 72h left) 
  7. Email  #7: Discount expiry last call (24h left) 

Of course, this structure is not set in stone. If you can leverage more content, even better. 

As you can see below, these emails can reach pretty high open and click through rates.

It can also be one of the highest-earning ones (below last 7 days measured by the amount of revenue per flow). 

Now, here’s another step to consider…

If you’ve got a weird feeling that weird you’re leaving money on the table because people skip past your emails/ads and you want an extra set of trained, brown and charming eyeballs to look at your stuff—I might be the guy you want to schedule for a free copy-audit. 

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Because why not.