1. Copy critique

If you’re on a budget and just want to pick the lowest hanging fruit, a copy critique gets you the biggest bang for your buck. How does it work?

You provide me with your marketing content and I shoot you a Loom video (as long as necessary) pointing at all areas of improvement in your copy plus how I’d fix them.

You get clarity and a bunch of ideas based on my experience which you can apply to your marketing at any time.

This investment in your business costs $147

2. Email copy

  • Welcome sequence (making the first sale/ building the relationship with a prospect)
  • Product launch/seasonal/holiday campaigns (because people like to have a reason to buy)
  • Nurture campaigns (flood them with value before you ask them to buy)
  • Cart abandonment emails (near-miss buyers who need some extra love to pull the trigger)
  • And all the other types of emails I won’t even mention because your attention span might not be that long…

You name it —I write it:

But before I spew out a single word, I will study your business and more importantly—your audience like a South Korean student. (Ever heard how hardcore they are?)

You’ll get emails written the way your audience speaks and that builds trust.

It’s fundamental to connect with them on a deeper level and create the famed know, like & trust effect.

Storytelling, anecdotes, open loops, persuasion techniques, scarcity-based call-to-actions and other “tactics” are just tools to achieve that.

If you need emails that sell then click the button below to schedule a quick no-obligation call to see if we’re a good fit.

I can only offer you a results guarantee if you already have an established business model and a list of subscribers.

You can also get straight to the point and pick a no-brainer pack like this one:

Done-For-You Minimum-Viable Email Automation System (Cart Abandonment, Post-Purchase and Welcome Sequence) – $1897. The pack includes between 8-13 emails (depending on how content you can provide) and the entire set up in Klaviyo (the default email automation system I use). Caveat: This won’t include design. The copywriting alone (without Klaviyo) is $1397.

3. Ad copy

Are you slightly concerned/annoyed/amazed by the omnipresent ads that become so on-point that it feels like the Internet Big Brother watches every single move you make?

Yeah me too—but they actually work. Plus clickbaity or aggressive selling won’t cut it anymore because the most successful ads look like user-generated content and they stay under the radar.

So if you want to have an upper hand over your competition, you need ads that grab attention and then seamlessly lead prospects through the copy— straight to the call to action.

If you need ads that get clicks then click the button below to schedule a quick no-obligation call.

But if you wish to get straight to the point—I can also offer you the following packages: 

  • Scroll-stopping Ecommerce Ads: $347 for at least 1 body copy (around 50-160 words) and 7-10 (depending on what you’re selling) different hooks i.e the first 2-3 lines of ad. If it’s a more complex product ( supplements, subscriptions), I will provide you with alternative body ad-copy + 4-5 different ad-hooks.
  • Story-based/ engaging long form-ads: $447 for at least 1 body copy (between 200 and 550 words) and 5 different ad-hooks.Perfect for info-product/biz-op/coaching ads. 

4. Other forms of copy

Although I cut my teeth writing emails and ads, you can sleep well leaving your sales letter, landing page or advertorial in my hands. As one of my mentors said, “copy is copy is copy.” She’s a head copywriter at a company whose product made well over a billion dollars for people who used it. So chances are, she knows what she’s talking about. The rules of talking to people don’t change when you change the medium of communication.

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