Oscar is a great direct-response copywriter, who is easy to work with and a great communicator. He jumped right into the projects and began work right away. He has an amazing eye for detail and his research skills are impeccable as well. He created converting copy for our adverts and was proactive in coming up with lots of ideas. Not only was he a great copywriter, he also participated in CRO, where he was active in coming up with new ideas for weekly tests. We highly recommend Oscar to anyone who needs awesome copywriting for their projects!.

Kris Sugatan,
Founder of Sugatan – eCommerce Growth Agency

“Oscar is an extremely skilled copywriter. He didn’t hesitate to ask all the right questions about our project before even starting, ensuring that he knew everything there was to know about our client avatar and project scope. From start to finish I felt confident that I was in the hands of an experienced professional. The copywriting itself was excellent, and the clients loved it. I highly recommend him without hesitation.

Jake Morfogolia,
Founder, Lion’s Paw Marketing

Oscar helped us with strategizing and writing content for our first website. He showed 100% commitment and he worked on with us until we were satisfied with the results. As an entrepreneur running a nearly-7 figure business, I learned by heart that finding skilled, committed freelancers is very hard. Oscar is someone you can trust and you can rest assured he’ll do his absolute best to give you the results you need. Or he’ll die trying.

Marcin Ruman,
Founder, Emersoft.co

I am very impressed with the work delivered by Oscar. He is extremely talented at copywriting. He can take a complex subject and make it simple but compelling. His writing impacts the reader in a very unique way. My company Plastics For Change often has complex concepts and themes that are difficult for others to understand. However, Oscar picked it up immediately and even gave us new insights about how to explain our business.

He is also very proactive with communications. He was always updating us about our campaign and suggesting ways to improve it. I felt he was very involved and made me feel he was extremely committed to the project.

Oscar has a skill and commitment to his client that I would highly recommend. Good writers like Oscar that you can trust with impeccable copywriting, creativity and relevance to readers, is very hard to find these days, so if you do find Oscar – hire him right away!

Mia Bowyer 
Marketing Director, Plasticsforchange.org