Stage 5: How To Communicate With Customers Who Are Raving Fans Of Your Brand (Without Losing Them)

Welcome to the fifth (and the last) episode of the “Stages of Awareness in Marketing” series. 

I hope you’ve had a chance to read through all the previous articles because this concept only makes sense if you put all the pieces of the puzzle together.  

Just for the record, there are five marketing awareness stages and they range between a prospect being completely unaware that they even have a problem and a raving fan of your products that need no persuasion (such as fans of Apple). 

In this article we’ll be talking about the group on the left-hand side.  

That means that your prospect not only knows your brand and a product very well but chances are they’re raving fanboys.

We can say that this is your dream customer because they know exactly what they want and your only job is to give it to them packed in a great deal. They need no education,  convincing, or extra discounts. 

They’re also the most emotionally connected in the sense that they may be sending you messages, emails and they’re more prone to leaving you a good review. The “Know-Like-Trust“ factor plays a huge role here and you simply capitalize on all your previous marketing efforts. Hence there is often many repeat buyers in this group. 

But there’s also one downside to this group. In today’s marketing ultra-competitive and global landscape there is always a group of  “too aware “ prospects. They have been  “over-advertised “ to or even had bad experience using a similar product  to yours.  Even though their opinion may not reflect the ”entire truth”, it will be very hard to change. 

Examples time:

So that’s it — finito.  If you read the entire series, you now know everything about stages of awareness in marketing. 

My final piece of advice: never stop to test and don’t confuse those stages and your copy will be better than 80% of stuff you can see online😺 Good luck to you!

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